I just plain like Adam Breault, have known him and his family since before he was born, like the whole family. He has done some auctioning for the church and for a fundraiser for my grand daughter when she lost her husband at the age of 34. He is a very good auctioneer and I like to hear him auction. ~ Colleen Schlese

Adam Breault Auctions was very prompt and kind in helping with some items that needed to be taken care of. Transportation and pick-up were handled flawlessly and distribution of funds was received within three days. Having a complete auction service like this is extremely rare for Gladwin County. Keep up the good work and I recommend them wholeheartedly for anyone seeking a professional yet kind experience. ~ TL Schlitzkus

What a great guy to work with. He picked up all my things for free....yup....free. His service is great and he knows how to work the crowd. I am very happy with him and his team and the ability to get me a good amount of money in my pocket. ~ Casey Wood

I had a lot of "stuff" filling up my basement that I was no longer using, so I called Adam. He set an appointment to come out and look the stuff over. He showed up exactly when he said he would. He told me about the auction and what to expect. In a few days he came out and picked up everything. Within a week of the next auction, I received a nice check in the mail along with an itemized detail of what each item sold for. Adam is a very personable and professional business man. And, a man of integrity. I will certainly use his services in the future and recommend Adam Breault Auctions to everyone I know. Great Service. ~ Bob LaFontaine

I highly recommend Adam Breault Auctions. As a consignor, my merchandise was sold quickly and the bids were strong. Thank you Adam Breault Auctions!!!! ~ Marvin Lovett

I have consigned items to two of Adam's auctions. Have been well pleased with his professional and friendly help and advice. He came by my home to pick things up, which was great. Payment came within the time frame that he promised. And I have also bought things at his auctions. Five stars!  A+ experience. ~ Bill Gould

Adam is a GREAT auctioneer he is very kind and loves his job and the items that he sells, people get fair prices. Get down to the auction house and see for yourself what a GREAT guy he is. ~ Debbie Wark

I have been buying from Auction Houses for 35 years and resell the items in my vintage shop. Adam Breault has always went beyond all the others in trying to help me locate items I'm in need of. He is always willing to store items for me when I buy more than I'm prepared to haul away that day. When I call or email to check on the quality of the items, he is always very honest to the condition of those items. I feel he has learned what I'm interested in and approximately what I'm willing to pay for them. ~ Doug Pratt

We recently needed to clean items out of condo in Novi, take some furniture down to Southfield, and pick up pieces in Southfield. On returning to Gladwin, we had items brought back, some of which went to Adam Breault Auctions Auction House, items from our house to the auction house, and items from that were brought from downstate to our house. Adam accomplished this in one day. All items were in great condition, with no "injuries." The job was handled quickly, efficiently and safely. ~ Richard Bloom

Adam and Carrie are two of the most sincere folks I know. They are always willing to offer there time and talents to many fundraisers in the area. Adam's ability to work the crowd, gets people excited about the items being auctioned off. Keep up the good work. ~ Glenn Smith

Adam and Carrie were amazing. They came prepared and were extremely professional. Adam gets involved with the crowd and everyone has a wonderful time. He helped us raise more money than our committee's expectations. I would highly recommend them for any event!! ~ Cyndi Adamec

I enjoyed the whole experience of the auction, the items, the atmosphere, and the people working. Thanks! ~ Tammy Mawhorter

Last Auction was the best yet. At least, it's the one at which we spent the most money of all that we've attended. You keep improving. We like the labels on the items and offering them in sequence. ~ Tom & Joyce Cummins

Adam Breault is AWESOME at working the crowd at Live Auctions. He is very personable, professional and very caring in every way. These qualities cannot be faked or hidden. Your first impression of Adam is that he is forthright, honest and a person you need to be associated with. And you would be right. He, also, knows the value of the items he is auctioning and gets a fair price for the buyer and the seller. During the past 3 years, Adam has been our auctioneer at the Gladwin American Legion Baseball Fundraiser. He has been one of the main catalysts in helping us reach our highest fundraising levels ever, 3 years running in a tough economy. I highly recommend Adam Breault Auctions. You will be greatly satisfied with his services. ~ Terry Brokoff

I wish to thank you for working with me and selling the items that had been part of Sugartown Products, Inc. of Gladwin, Michigan. You handled yourself when working with the public with confidence and a winning pleasant assurance which is most difficult to do in a small business. Employees and customers make buying and selling a daily challenge.

Again, thank you for serving me with a joy in your heart. I highly recommend your services as a buyer and seller of stuff, odds and ends, and miscellaneous merchandise. (You Did GOOD!)

~ Sincerely, (Mrs Earl) Pat Engelbrecht