Our Services

If you are looking to sell, consign, or determine the value of your treasured possessions or collection, Adam Breault Auctions is the answer.

We offer free valuation services.

If you require or are looking to obtain a formal written appraisal for probate, insurance, estate or trust planning, etc. a nominal fee may be associated for inspection, research and documentation. However, if a Consignment Agreement or Personal Property Contract is signed, the fee will be waived.

Please note that an estimate of value should not be considered proof of authenticity, a guaranteed offer to purchase, or a guarantee of selling price. As with all appraisals, the approximations of value provided by Adam Breault Auctions is our expert opinion, formed from our knowledge of antiques, collectibles, furniture, equipment, etc. as well as market trends and other factors. Although our good-faith valuations are based on research and expertise, opinions can, and sometimes do, vary among experts.
Our Auction House is located at 895 Industrial Drive, Gladwin, Michigan. Our goal is to provide the best overall buying and selling experience for our customers. Comfortable seating and ample parking is available for our potential buyers.

Consignment auctions are held Fridays at 6 pm and additional auctions are scheduled as needed. All items are on display at the Auction House and potential buyers have the opportunity to preview and inspect items starting one hour prior to the auction or by appointment by calling 989.329.0399.

With technology constantly changing, Adam Breault Auctions strives to offer state of the art options for bidding and auction participation. Internet absentee bidding is available through our website.
Whether you are downsizing to a smaller home or dealing with an estate after losing a family member, we understand that both situations can be emotional and overwhelming. During times of transition, you have enough to worry about and often personal belongings need to be sold in a timely manner for the best price possible. Adam Breault Auctions keeps you and your family’s best interests at heart by acting as your advocate in coordinating the liquidation of your or a loved one’s estate. Let us handle the sale of your estate when you are ready to part with your items. We give families peace of mind by minimizing stress and maximizing returns. Your items can be sold on-site or taken to our Auction House, whichever best meets your needs.
On-site auctions are very useful when people need to sell every item in a business or estate. We know that the process of selling an entire estate or business can be overwhelming. To alleviate this stress, we have organized our services to make it as simple as possible.

Adam Breault Auctions can assist you with the setup of your auction by sorting, moving and displaying each item appropriately. We will inventory each item which includes tagging, a detailed description and photograph. We will work with you to develop an advertising plan that meets your needs as well as advertise through our website and vast media outlets.

Most on-site auctions are held on Saturdays. We make arrangements with port-a-john, food vendors, and rent a tent for cover when applicable, to ensure any potential buyers have a pleasant experience. All items in the sale will be removed on the day of auction, unless agreed to otherwise.
We can help worthy organizations save time and resources while raising more money, goodwill and awareness through our Auction Services. Whether you are looking to jump start a brand-new campaign, create an annual event or a one-time fund appeal, we can tailor our services to help you meet your goals. Hiring a professional auctioneer can help maximize your event’s profit and create sustainable donor relationships, leaving your attendees coming back for years to come.

Some organizations we have assisted include various 4-H groups, Whitetails Unlimited, Ducks Unlimited and Pheasants Forever.
Adam Breault Auctions is committed to philanthropy in our communities. We do offer our services free to approved charities or benefits to assist those in need and give back to our community.